After 10 years

After ten years of not actively blogging but actually living my life, I have gained a wide array of experiences worth blogging about. I admit I started this whole blogging experience back when I was a novice and single and simpleminded. I wanted to have an avenue to express my desire to then have a genuine and lasting relationship. Met some which caught my fancies and from there my blog went i into different themes and topics. After ten years now I am married with a 9yr old child, much wiser and experienced in the way I see the world. Yes I now view the world not in rose colored lenses but way brighter. Brighter than the noonday sun for I have proven my capacity to love is beyond my desire to give but to make a difference, the eternal one.

And so I have gone through many career changes and decisions and yet one thing has remained- my belief system that humans must be treated with honor and great respect. I must have gone through different operational excellence structures and restruct…

Punta Fuego (April 22, 2016)

A leader should inspire...

I've had 12 years of experience handling people and what most doesn't know is that it is not the length of stay in the company that one leader can determine potential in an employee. By experience, people don't get loyal in a company, they become loyal with relationships. Strong relationships help build trust amongst employees and managers. Employee engagement takes time and can sometimes be tricky, but is a very influential way to lead teams. Some call it emotional leadership, some call it micro-management, I prefer to call it employee engagement. How to Engage your Employees Dynamic  Factor- Too often, those who stayed in a company for too long has either become stagnant in their role to be a contributor. One should check if there were changes in the role within 2-4 years otherwise the employee tends to become freeloaders of the company’s resources and are not really significantly contributing. A highly engaged individual will always look for something new and big and be…

What people look for in a leader..

Forgive me if I focus on leadership again as this is my passion and I have been handling teams for more than a decade now. I can say that this is my passion – seeing people thrive from nuisance to greatness.
I can say that through the years, more than coaching associates, and training them how to grow in their careers, I have also enriched myself on what people really look for in a leader. These are combined items of what I normally practice, failed to practice and still learning to practice up until this very day.
I have managed to lead high performing teams through the years and during interviews, management meetings, and coaching I am always asked how come my team always performs. Now it is time to spill the beans, in the hope that it can help you manage your teams.
Do not accept any excuses. I know it sounds imposing yet it should be done in a fashion where you were already able to make your expectations known at the beginning. By setting expectations, you yourself should be committe…

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